From the Farm to the Table

Small Holder Farmers

Small Holder Farmers

It all starts at the farm. We help farmers to produce more and better-quality raw materials. Our Development Team regularly visits the farms. We also help the farm to adopt the best hygiene standards .

Quality Ingredients

Bdelo Snacks are crafted to be addictively delicious and better for you.

Natural Quality Ingredients

Delicious and better for You

At Bdelo we craft our Delicious Snacks with real nutritious quality ingredients which have been selected based on their high nutritional value.

  Real Tubers

  Leafy Greens


  Cerials & Grains

  Psyllium Husk


  No starch flours

Psyllium Husk

Benefits of Psyllium Husk

We enhance our products with Psyllium Husk which is a fiber supplement.

  It may boost satiety and aid weight loss

  It has prebiotic effects

  It can lower blood sugar levels

  It can lower cholesterol levels

  It seems to be good for the heart


Made with care

Our team is committed to creating delicious and healthier food. We pride ourselves in creating tasty flavours and delicious produce. We take of the way we prepare our produce to ensure they are fresh, tasty and of high quality.

We continuously test our products during processing to ensure that we do not compromise on quality.

Processing Tortillas

Benefits of Nixtamalization

These nutritional and health benefits are especially important in areas where maize is the dietary staple and the risk of Aflatoxins is high, as removal of the pericarp is thought to help reduce Aflatoxin contamination levels in maize kernels by up to 60% when a load is not highly contaminated.

  Significantly reduced presence of mycotoxins such as fumonisins and Aflatoxins

  Increased bioavailability of vitamin B3 niacin, which reduces the risk of pellagra disease

  Increased bioavailability of iron, which decreases the risk of anemia

  Increased calcium intake, due to its absorption by the kernels during the steeping process

  Increased resistant starch content in food products, which serves as a source of dietary fiber


And finally, it gets to you! 

When you are enjoying your Bdelo, we ensure that you get the best tasting products. We work closely together with our retail partners to ensure you can get our products where and when you want them. Our teams visit each outlet a few times per week to ensure the products are available and the shelves look neat.

Tortilla Chips with Dip